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A photo journal of LTC's (Letterboxing Trading Cards) created by Where's Wendy. All LTC's showcase at least one of Where's Wendy's hand-carved stamps.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Transfer Methods - ACETONE

The following are the results of experimenting with different transfer methods (ways of getting an image onto the carving material).


This is the image that I want to transfer to the carving material. It MUST be printed using a toner-based printer or copier.

You can use nail polish remover with acetone, or purchase pure acetone at the hardware store (find it in the area with paint removers). It comes in a big can, so I decanted some into a smaller glass jar.

Lay the image face down on the surface of the carving material.

I use a Q-tip to apply the acetone to the back of the image. Apply just enough to make it wet, or the image may smear.

Start to peel back the paper image. If the transfer isn't dark enough, lay the paper back down and apply a bit more acetone. If it is good, peel paper off completely.

This is the completed transfer. It shows much more detail than the heat transfer method, and is much more precise (for lines or circles or details) than the pencil transfer method.

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