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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Transfer Methods - WINTERGREEN OIL

The following are the results of experimenting with different transfer methods (ways of getting an image onto the carving material).

Using Wintergreen Oil for transfers was suggested on the AtlasQuest letterboxing site. I finally managed to track down some Wintergreen Oil (at a nutrition store) and tried it. I LOVE IT!!!! This is my favourite of all the transfer methods.

This is the image I wanted to transfer and carve. It MUST be printed on a toner-based printer or copier.

This is the Wintergreen Oil. It comes in a small container, and this package cost around $8.00.

A close-up of the bottle itself.

Place a small drop of the oil (it takes so little) on the surface of the carving material.

I used a Q-tip to spread the oil as evenly as possible over the surface of the carving material.

Place printed image face down on top of the wet surface.

I use the Q-tip (that I used for spreading the oil) to "press" the surface and ensure that all of the image is saturated with the oil.

Gently peel back the paper to see the image on the carving material. If any spots were not transferred, lay the paper back down again and add a wee bit more oil (too much will cause the image to blotch).

This is the completed image transfer. Notice how dark and clear it comes out.

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