Where's Wendy

A photo journal of LTC's (Letterboxing Trading Cards) created by Where's Wendy. All LTC's showcase at least one of Where's Wendy's hand-carved stamps.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Transfer Methods - SUMMARY

The following are the results of experimenting with different transfer methods (ways of getting an image onto the carving material).

This is a "summary" photo of all the methods I tried: 
From left to right....
Iron / Heat Transfer
Pencil Transfer
Wintergreen Oil

The transfer from the Wintergreen Oil is by far the darkest and most clear.  I took the other "experiment" images (not including the pencil transfer) and used Wintergreen Oil to try to transfer the image darker.

This is a photo of the results.


So......in conclusion, I am 'sold' on Wintergreen Oil as my preferred method of transfering images from a toner-based print-out to the carving material.


  1. I found that acetone leaves a sticky feel to the rubber... how about you? I haven't tried the Wintergreen oil though... thank you for the observations!

  2. Yes, I do find that acetone makes the surface sticky. However, it does seem to 'dry' up a bit again if you wait awhile before carving. ...and, yes, IMHO wintergreen oil is THE way to go! If you get a chance, give it a try. :)

  3. Thanks for sharing. Very helpful.